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Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. is the premier provider of reverse mortgage loan origination software. As the nation’s leading authority on all aspects of reverse mortgages, we offer the most powerful and personalized reverse mortgage software solution in the industry, as well as an unmatched level of service.

Our software solution is purpose-built for you – not retrofitted from a system developed for the forward mortgage industry. Our loan origination system is scalable to your needs using the most proven and advanced web technologies available and based on an enterprise platform that is safe, secure and affordable.

Here’s what our software solution provides:

  • A streamlined, user-friendly interface
    Use dynamic heads-up displays that offer quick access to loan data, and an expandable navigation toolkit giving you more power than ever.

  • Underwriting conditions management
    Browse a preconfigured standard conditions catalog and track the status and aging of loans in underwriting. You can even establish your own condition types and satisfaction criteria.

  • System-generated forms and image storage
    Access a catalog of system-generated forms or easily customize your own forms. The software also supports document image uploading.


RMS offers you a premier Reverse Mortgage loan origination system:

  • Supports all five Home Equity Conversion Mortgage payment plan options
  • Has built in calculations and business validations for principal limits, service fee set-asides (SFSA), ARM adjustments, MIP and interest accrual.
  • Supports all servicing functions such as issuing monthly statements, payoff requests, draw requests both ACH and direct checks, notification of interest rate changes, property tax monitoring.
  • SQL Server (highly scalable)
  • Web enabled (accessible via encrypted CITRIX presentation server)
  • Supports all functionality required for reverse mortgages


And with RMS, you’ll have a dedicated and experienced Product Support team standing by to help you with whatever you need. We pay attention to your priorities and your deadlines.
So, to summarize, take a look at all of the benefits you’ll derive from RMS’ premier reverse mortgage loan origination system:

✓ An enterprise platform that is safe, secure and affordable

  • ASP.net on a SQL server
  • Hosted within SAS70 rated facilities
  • Entrust SSL with 256-bit encryption

✓ A streamlined, user friendly interface

  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic heads-up display for loan data reference
  • Expandable navigation toolkit
  • Group and role-based security access

✓ Underwriting Conditions Management

  • Preconfigured Standard Conditions catalog
  • Established condition types and satisfaction criteria
  • Tracking of condition status and aging
  • An Underwriting Conditions loan report

✓ System-generated forms and image storage

  • Catalog of system-generated forms
  • Ability to generate blank or data-filled forms
  • Document image upload capability
  • Document index contains 300+ document IDs

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